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what is ftm mode

what is ftm mode

My phone went into FTM mode then it says.

My huawei ascend II is stuck in FTM mode.
  • How to fix FTM mode on verizon phone?.

  • what is ftm mode

    factory reset - What does FTM mean on my.
    On Pressing the power+ vol down key it enters into FTM Mode but nothing happens then after Help Me with this pls.
    09.12.2007  Best Answer: I got out of FTM the other day by simply turning standalone mode on then off: Menu / Settings & Tools / System / Standalone Mode. It's Factory
    FTM Wikipedia

    FTM = Field Test Mode. Try removing the battery to turn the device off. Replace the battery and then turn the phone back on and you should be out of FTM.
    My android phone is stuck in ftm mode can it be rebooted. Got a huawei cricket phone stuck in ftm mode, tried taking out battery held volume and power and home button

    My huawei ascend II is stuck in FTM mode.
    Stuck in FTM Mode? What does ftm mean on a phone - What does.
    20.03.2007  Best Answer: Are you referring to flight mode? If so, this would be changed under your menu, settings and tools, phone settings, and adjust flight mode or

    FTM mode ZTE BLADE - YouTube

    When i turn my phone its goes straight to FTM mode (Screen all black FTMmode in yellow letters). I`ve literally tried everything and still does the samething
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